Story of Acre and Rust Clothing Co.

Acre and Rust Clothing Company is a farm lifestyle clothing company with designs that honor the close community and rich heritage of agriculture.  We aim to create and design apparel that is not only attractive and high quality, but also nostalgic and thoughtful.

We want people who wear our clothes to feel a sense of pride knowing they are honoring the farming culture in America. Acre and Rust is devoted to the family farm. We strive to give back through spreading awareness of issues farmers face and supporting organizations that focus on farmers’ physical and mental health. 

The Reason and Name Origin

Farming is a way of life. It's hard. It's full of joy, heartache, and stress.

The reason it's a way of life is because it gets in your blood. It's not something that is easily explained. Maybe it's the freedom to work on your own time, to make important decisions, or because you get to be outside (even though a lot of the time is spent inside a tractor or pickup).

The name Acre and Rust is a nod towards the land and heritage of farming.

An acre is 43560 square feet, and is a unit of measurement that has been around for years. It stands for value, cost, time, and effort. Not only can it be used to describe a parcel of land, it can be used to tell time, to explain a workday, and much more.

Rust is meant to appreciate the past and current. Things rust, especially farm equipment. But having rust is not a indication of quality or usefulness.

Our Mission

Our mission first and foremost is to celebrate and honor the farming way of life. We want to not only bring more awareness to agriculture in general, but to bring awareness to the struggles that farmers face. Most do not realize how dangerous this job is, how skilled you have to be, and how mentally taxing the business is.

One of the biggest changes we'd like to see in the farming community is to have a bigger focus on mental health and a holistic approach to agriculture. This could be something as simple acknowledging the ways in which farming failures occur to everyone, and that our identity is not tied to the success or failure of a farming business.

Our designs and products aim to shine a light on the wonderful crops and animals we take care of, and to celebrate the people who make up the agricultural community.

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team, a farmer and former teacher, working to build a family and a business.

We live on the south plains of Texas, and as much as we may complain about the weather here, we couldn't be more proud of it. Although we are Texans through and through, we know there's plenty of farmers who aren't lucky enough to live here, and we hope to honor and serve all of the farming communities in America with Acre and Rust.

What crops do we grow? Cotton, corn, wheat, and sorghum are the mainstays of this area. Cows and dairies are big too, and altogether it is a symbiotic relationship.

If you see some designs you like, please don't hesitate to make a purchase, and if you feel like reaching out to us about farming, clothing, or anything else on your mind, don't hesitate to contact us at

Ty & Chelsea Criswell